contract manufacturing

Starzac Formulations, Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company, launched and started a modern lyophilizer to be used for bulk and injection. GMP quality control procedures ensure that all products perform at their best. The automated, modern production process was made possible by the use of the most recent equipment. All our customers receive prompt and reliable support. We can offer a wide range of services. We welcome agents, distributors, importers and dealers to help us introduce our products to their respective national markets.

Starzac Formulations offers attractive licensing opportunities for dossiers. Starzac Formulations' commercial range is also produced by contract manufacturers of capsules, tablets and capsules. Starzac Formulations is a private, independent pharmaceutical formulation company that offers flexibility in terms of trade and individual attention to each customer. Our products are high quality, yet affordable thanks to our modern production lines and GMP standards.

Starzac Formulations is capturing and organizing your entire product information in an online secure environment. This allows everyone to work together on the same product data. You will be able to easily share information within your organization securely and quickly. Outsourced partners and suppliers can also view the information and make changes as they wish. Starzac Formulations eliminates the difficulties of working with extended design chains to make your outsourcing relationships more effective.

Our large-scale production capabilities, highly qualified production staff, quality control personnel, and state-of-the-art WHO-GMP-certified manufacturing facility combine to create a perfect environment for contract manufacturing or outsourcing pharmaceutical products.

To receive our best rates, please contact us. Our products are available on a third-party basis.